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Global Experience

In manufacturing as well as sourcing of Yarn and other Textile Products from Domestic & International Markets

Highly Efficient

Lean organization structure with low operating costs

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Rapidly Growing Customer Base

Gaining more than 50 customers per quarter in Domestic as well as International markets.

Continuous Improvement Policy

To exceed customer expectations

Strategically Located

In the western and southern region near the port and market for ease of business

Long Term Collaborative Partnerships

With all stakeholders throughout the supply chain


The brand Nimbark has been consciously built on five core values –Quality & Service, Consistency, Integrity & Honesty and Adaptability

The following values summarize who we are, what we offer as a company, and what we aspire to be for our customers and stakeholders in the long run. Everyday, we look forward to serve our valued customers and stakeholders, keeping these values in mind and raising the bar in everything we do.

Quality and Service – An elite level of service meeting our customer’s needs while remaining economically competitive in the industry.
Consistency – By always being consistent, we are able to build trust and deliver efficiently and profitably.
Integrity and Honesty – We maintain superior level of integrity in interaction with our clients. We do not compromise on our ethical business practices.
Adaptability – We move with the times and efficiently advocate new and unchartered territories.