A leading fancy yarn innovator, creator and manufacturer for more than two decades, Nimbark Fashions Limited a  leading company in India that exclusively develops and manufactures fancy yarns and fabrics. Our passion is to develop and produce fancy yarn. Our foresightedness and meticulous research has helped us predict the demand and the need of the market in advance. Exclusive focus on fancy yarns has given us a keen eye for the details, visual effects, as well as the optical properties of cotton, viscose, polyester, linen and other specialised yarns. A common saying among the industry insiders is, “If no one can make it, go to Nimbark!”

The Nimbark Effect

Fancy yarn making involves more than just mixing ingredients and setting a mathematical set of crests and troughs. It is a creative process. It demands high sense of aesthetic vision.

And this expertise is expressed in the unique visual look of the fabrics made from our yarns. Industry experts and customers call it, The Nimbark Effect! 

Fancy yarn development is a creative process. It needs more than just technical know-how and the machinery. It needs a keen human eye to details, an artistic sense and an innovative approach for yarn development. Our two decades of experience in creating unique fancy yarns has evolved into a yarn development process which follows a co-creation model along with the customers. We make sure the yarns should give the desired patterns, but at the same time we help the customers get the best possible results and productivity for a given budget.

Your Competitive Advantage

Nimbark Fashions Limited has set its niche in the Indian Textile industry. The faith and belief of our customers has resulted in exceeding expectations and setting standards for the industry. Our experience and expertise in developing fancy yarn results in the consist unique effects that gives our customers a competitive edge and builds goodwill of the business as well.


Dinesh Maheshwari

Managing Director

Mr. Dinesh Maheshwari is a well-known name in the Indian textile industry. He started his career way back in 80’s. After graduating from University of Rajasthan in 1986 , he learned the intricacies of complex textile business through hands-on experience. From trading to procurement, quality control and manufacturing he learned it all. From the beginning, he had a liking for Fancy yarns and that shows in his visionary work at Nimbark. 

It was his vision to create an exclusive textile house devoted to fancy yarn development. Today, in his leadership Nimbark is pioneering in many projects dedicated to fancy yarn designing, manufacturing and innovation. It’s his leadership and assertiveness which is reflected in the unique Nimbark approach: If it can’t be done anywhere else, Nimbark will sure do it!

He is a social leader and contributes to many organizations selflessly. 

Mahesh Maheshwari

Executive Director

Mr Mahesh Maheshwari , graduated from University of Rajasthan in 1987 and followed his elder brothers and joined them in the textile business in the early 90s. A liking for fancy yarn and its potential led his interest in the development of fancy yarn effects and he innovated many techniques for fancy yarn development with utilising different kinds of ingredients and blends. With this approach Nimbark has created a system for fancy yarn effect creation which is unique and produces what in the industry is called the Nimbark effect. 

This creative approach along with his years of experience in manufacturing is an asset for the indian yarn industry, and he uses it in the consultative approach with clients. Like the yarns he produces, he himself is a unique blend of human relationships, creative brilliance and solution maker. 

A good communicator, he is a keynote speaker and leads textile industry forums in various capacities.



Mr. Manish Bang has a special place among family business experts. He has first-hand understanding of the family business dynamics. His business education started in the family textile business, Nimbark Fashion Limited, Mumbai.

After completing his BE in Chemical Engineering from Thadomal Shanahi College of Engineering, Mumbai , he then moved on to earn his MBA in Finance from University of Technology, Sydney. He closely monitored Indian businesses, saw through their strengths and weaknesses vis a vis global practices.

For last 10 years he is supporting Indian family businesses to create their Next Level in Business through his vast experience, keen insights and knowledge base. He supports Indian businesses in defining business strategy for growth and support them to move out of financial stress with his entrepreneurial and straight forward approach.

He is currently working with over 10 companies as a financial advisor.

Rtn. Dr. A. Vetrivel

Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Vetrivel has completed his Diploma in Textile Technology, followed by his graduation in AMIE Textile Engineering from Institution of Engineers. He did his MBA in Marketing Management from Annamalai University, then pursued his M.Phil in Finance Management from Vinayaga Mission- Salem and finally completed his PhD in Finance Management from Karpagam University- Coimbatore.

He is the Chief Operating officer of Nimbark Fashions Ltd, Mumbai. Accomplished executive with multitask experience, for more than 37 years. In the year 2020, he has been awarded with the following titles :

➢ Best Citizen Gold Medal Award – Year 2020
➢ One of the Top 10 Chief Operating Officer in India Award – Year 2020

Shrikant bang


Mr. Shrikant Bang, Director of the Company, graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering degree from the C.R.I.T. Mumbai University where he specialized in mechanical engineering. Later, he completed his MBA from IIBM. Post his education, he joined the family business.

Mr. Bang is an expert in marketing and his communication skills work as a charm in business negotiations and building relations along with creating a goodwill for the company.  His vast experience of more two decades in marketing and sales has escalated Nimbark’s growth into a trend setting company of specialised yarn in India.